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Grow Your Own Organic Fresh Vegetables

With the uncertain times that lie ahead it seems wise and prudent to enhance your gardening skills to provide fresh vegetables for you and your family.

If you are a seasoned and experienced gardener or just beginning to plant your first seeds … gardening is a continuous learning process. In the past my garden has been fair but certainly not producing the quantity or quality to win the blue ribbon at the county fair.

The key seems to be …
     don’t disturb the soil structure … and … never leave the soil uncovered!

Most of us have experienced the cycle where we till the ground in the spring … it looks beautiful right after tilling … plant the seeds and wait for them to sprout. The problem is … here come the weeds. After a few weeks the sprouts are growing but the weeds are out growing the good plants. About this time the once fluffy soil has become hard as a brick and when you try to pull the weeds they just break off leaving the roots to grow again unless you use a spading fork to loosen the ground first.

Often the weeds get ahead of us. The chore just gets overpowering and many of us simply give up and quit. Many times this cycle results in a minimum or zero yield. What follows is a defeated feeling, disappointment, and the frustration of wasted time and labor.

The NTED (No Till Easy Digger, a new & improved broadfork design) is not the total answer to all of your gardening challenges. However, it is a big step forward. When combined with the method of always keeping the ground covered with some sort of organic material such as straw, leaves, etc in keeping with good Permiculture and other gardening methods. By doing this the soil is kept moist and weeds are discouraged. Using the EZ Digger and this gardening technique it is a great combination that can help you get the gardening results you desire.

The few weeds that do grow are easily plucked from the ground … roots and all! The soil remains loose, moist and manageable and finally there is a glimmer of hope for a bountiful harvest.

Be sure to check out my Photo Gallery to see some results from our 2013 garden where we started using a modified form of the Back to Eden gardening method and the NTED (Mac’s No Till Easy Digger, a new & improved broadfork design)

Once Again … Enjoy Your Garden!

You can’t get Fresh Vegetables
like these from your grocery store
Keep in mind … this is the result 1 year after starting from totally dead soil as a result of over tilling in an attempt to get rid of Quack Grass.

Chest hi Tomatoes 2013 late season
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