EZ GetterUpper


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To See how EZ and Painless…

It is to get up from your knees when

you’ve been working in your garden…

The Painless Way to Get off Your Knees!

Some of us who like to garden find it increasingly difficult and painful to get up off of our knees as we get older. In fact, it gets to the point where we need someone or something to help us get back on our feet.

We either need something to push up on or pull up on to help getting up. I was getting to the point where I either had to come up with a solution … or … quit gardening! Well, I am not about to quit gardening so I came up with a design for a tool I call the … EZ getterUpper.

With this tool I can easily get up off of my knees with no pain and very little effort. I no longer need to look for someone or something to help me get up. I simply keep the EZ getterUpper close at hand when working in the garden. This tool is light weight, strong, simple in design, durable and dependable. This is how it works ….

To start .. put your knee on the knee pad

Next … bring the other leg forward near the handles

Now the easy part … start pushing with your leg and pulling back on the handles

Keep pushing and pulling as you go up

Almost up … now just stand up using the handles as a stabilizer to help you catch your balance

Up … that was easy … and … No Pain!

Wow … that was easy … and No Pain!

Get Your EZ GetterUpper Now Just $125

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100% Guaranteed If you ever brake the tool from normal use … I will repair it, replace it, or give your money back … my choice
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