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EZ Digger History

EZ Digger History

For many years we have had a garden experiencing varying degrees of success. In our current location here in Western Montana the soil is good and consists mostly of sandy loam.

That’s the good news. The not so good news is a pest known as Quack Grass. Quack Grass sends out long strings of rhizome roots in all directions each of which has the potential of a new plant and if not controlled will choke out most all other plants.

In my experience there are two ways to get rid of Quack (other than using Roundup)

Tilling and more tilling until there is no sign of Quack.

Dig out each mother plant and be sure to get all of the rhizome roots.

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The problem with the first method is you destroy the soil structure to the point that the Quack Grass will not grow (but nothing else will either). One observer described my garden soil as “moon dust” after the results of excessive tilling.

The second method is labor intensive and does work. However, if the soil is compacted and hard it is nearly impossible to get all of the root structure. If any is missed … a new plant is usually created.


After watching the Back to Eden Film (a must see video) and his “no till” gardening method I decided to change my gardening direction by using a combination of this gardening method and using my No Til EZ Digger in combination with a modified form of Permiculture gardening.

I started to rebuild the soil by adding compost and vowing to never till again. Secondly, always have a layer of natural organic material on top of the soil which has many advantages as pointed out in this great film.

I am not a soil engineer or an expert at gardening. However, at this point I reasoned that there must be a way that the soil structure could be loosened without “double digging” or tilling and thereby destroying the natural soil structure.

If this could be achieved then the natural soil enzymes and earth worms would benefit from the added oxygen and aeration. In addition, things like carrots and other root crops would have a much easier time of growing without fighting concrete like soil.

If I had a tool similar to a
spading fork … but bigger ….

Several years ago I built a digger called the “U” digger … as I recall. It worked OK but was so heavy and cumbersome it soon became a yard ornament and was never a useful and productive garden tool. In 2013 I started building and testing the first NTED (no till easy digger).

After several revisions and improvements the current design has evolved. It has been well accepted and works great as a garden soil prep tool and in maintaining the garden soil (also works great when harvesting root crops like carrots and potatoes).

Finish soil on the left … Weeds on the right.
   (an early version of the EZ Digger)

This picture shows the soil on the left after using the EZ Digger (early version)

weeds on the right before the EZ Digger treatment.

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