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Easily Remove a Quack Grass clump with the No Till EZ Digger.

This video shows how Easy it is to remove a Quack Grass clump (roots and all) with the No Till EZ Digger (a new broadfork design).

The No Till EZ Digger is So Easy to use…

No Till Easy Digger NTED

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Step 1 … Stand the unit upright with digging tines facing down and the handles pointed up. (handles can easily be arranged in four different positions by simply removing the pin and rotating the handles in the base socket)

Step 2 … With your foot placed on the main frame .. push down to the depth you desire to loosen (in tight soil move the handles back and forth while stepping (or standing) on the main frame to drive the tines into the ground)

Step 3 … After the digging tines are in the ground … pull back on the handles. The farther you pull back … the more the soil is loosened as the tines naturally rotate out and upwards.

Step 4 … Drag (don’t lift … saves your back) the digger back towards you a few inches … go back to step 1 and repeat That’s it!

Depending on how far you drive the tines into the ground and how far you pull back on the handles … the soil will be loosened and aerated accordingly note … Keep in mind the goal is to loosen and aerate the soil without destroying the natural enzymes found in the top few inches of your garden soil.

Features of the No Till EZ Digger

(a New Broadfork Design)

Removable handles are fully adjustable and may be turned 90 degrees to four different configurations.

They may be changed so they are facing out (my favorite choice), facing inward, facing away from you or facing towards you.

Handles are inter changeable between the standard (23″) unit and the big (31″) size. This way, if you choose, you can own both sizes and save money by having only one set of handles.

The digging spikes are mounted in the main frame in a unique fashion. Any of the spikes can easily be removed to meet the gardener needs. The EZ Digger truly is “a new broadfork design”

For example … the center two spikes might be removed in order to loosen the soil on both sides of a row of carrots … or a couple of outside spikes might be removed to accommodate working in a narrow row … or every other spike might be removed if you are working with very hard soil

Digging spikes are removable. They are “slip fit” in the main frame and held in place by the top strap. Simply remove the (4) bolts holding the “top strap” and remove any of the spikes … easy and efficient
  • When it is time to harvest potatoes the No Till EZ Digger is very handy as the soil falls through leaving the potatoes exposed. The standard digging spikes are 12″ long. Custom length digging spikes are available on special order basis. The NTED is built to last. Under normal garden use you simply will not “wear it out” or “break” it.

The only return we have ever had was when a fellow bent one of the handles sockets where it was welded to the main frame.
After a question and answer session it was found that he was trying to pry rocks with a garden soil prep tool.

Note: this area has been re-designed and made of stronger material … this should never be a repeat problem in the future … however, this is a garden soil prep tool not a pry bar for digging rocks! If you are going to dig rocks … please get a pry bar and a pick.

The EZ Digger (a new design broadfoark) is built like a tank for years of dependable service.

To ensure a top quality product, we powder coat each unit as an additional step (and expense) that makes the NTED attractive and durable for years to come.

The handles are “die bent” in a pleasing arc for more convenience and safety.

Warranty … this is a top quality, made in USA, garden soil prep tool. If this tool ever fails the original owner under normal garden use I will fix it, give you a new one or refund your money … (my choice).

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